Best Shadowrun 5e Firearms 2016 Edition

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shadowrun best weapons

Shadowrun has a wide range of weapons that a player can use when tackling enemies and for other purpose during combat. These weapons are organized in different categories. We have pistols, SMGs, rifles, sniper rifles, explosive launchers, shotguns, throwing weapons, melee weapons, unarmed weapons Tasers and even machine guns.

In this article, we are going to check out some of the best firearms that are popular in Shadowrun 5th edition.

Let’s check them out:

  1. Pistols

Pistols are ideal firearms when it comes to medium ranges. The pistol skill four minimizes the reloading to approximately 0 AP. On the other hand, revolvers do not have chain shot abilities and cannot use Double Tap

Remington Roomsweeper

This is one of the best firearms that you can use while you are playing Shadowrun 5th edition. This particular gun is basically a shotgun punch that has a small size but has widespread effect. It is also heavily packaged. It is ideal for short range but has a wide spread effect.

Colt Manhunter

If you are looking for a gun that will help you defeat your enemies in a very dangerous situation, then Colt Manhunter is what you should use. Colt Manhunter is a very metal machine that was specifically designed to work efficiently in very extreme situations, like or instance when you are in an ambush during the game.

  1. Submachine guns

When it comes to submachine guns, they are some of the most accurate machines that you can use for medium ranges. Unlike other guns such as pistols and what have you, sub machine guns can fire up to shots at a go. Each type of machine gun has its own power as well as weakness. We shall going to have a look at some of the best sub machine guns that you can use while playing Shadowrun 5th edition on your PC.

Berretta Model &0

Berretta Mode 70 is one of the best submachine gun you can use to play Shadowrun 5th edition. It is quite small in size with a very big damage a potential to destroy a wide area. The submachine gun has a ranged combat of zero and can damage up to 5 targets. Additionally, it has a capacity of 30. At only 350, this submachine gun can surely make your game worth playing.

Ingram smartgun

This is also a great firearm to use while playing the Shadowrun 5th edition. This gun has amazing features and it is a professional street weapon of choice. The Ingram smartgun has a ranged combat of four. It is also capable of damaging up to eight targets. Ingram smartgun has a capacity of thirty and only costs 900.

Heckler and Koch HK227

This is one hell of a submachine gun. The Heckler and Koch HK227 is a serious killer machine which is a high end tool that’s functions either as a shadow runners or security. This submachine gun has a range combat of eight with a capacity of 30. Heckler and Koch HK227 also have the ability of damaging up to 12 targets at the same time. At only 3000, this submachine gun is definitely worth playing with in shadow run 5th edition game.

SCK Model 100

Also topping the list as one of the best firearms for shadow runner 5th edition game is the SCK Model 100. This particular machine gun has everything that a gamer would ever want in a serious firearm. This submachine became famous because of Renraku Red Samurai. The SCK Model 100 has a combat range of six with a damage ability of eleven targets. It also has a capacity of approximately twenty four bullets. It currently costs 1750.

  1. Short guns

When it comes to short guns, they are the perfect weapons for short ranges. With a short gun, you have the ability to hit adjacent targets.

Sawed-off Benelli

This is a law end multi-purpose shotgun, and thus can be used in a wide range of activities on Shadowrun 5th edition. The last few inches of the gun is completely sawed off. This gun has a combat range of zero, and has the ability to damage ten targets. Additionally, the Sawed-Off Benelli   has a capacity of four. Currently, the gun is selling at 280.