How Much You Know The Smart Gun?

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A smartgun is basically a type of an advanced gun that uses the 21st century electronic systems that connects to users and is able to give improved targeting. Without the cyber eye, cyber ware smartlink and or even the, goggles, HUD enabled helmet or glasses, the hardware cannot function properly.

The smartgun is available both in external and internal versions. The system of the smartgun fives feedback circuit relating the angle of the gun the line of sight in which the shooter is standing. The internal system of the smartgun is built into the gun itself. On the other hand, the external systems are able to mount on the weapon either in under barrel position or top mount. It also can be transferred from one weapon to another with sixty minutes of alignment and maintenance.

The function of the typical gun is to control the laser range finder and a camera so as to allow shooting around corners, head buildup, switching between gun modes, keeping track of ammunitions, material stress, firing the gun as well as ejecting clips. Other functions of the smartgun include advanced sniping software with wind analysis and also help in ballistic fire of weapons such as mortars and many more.

How does a smart gun work?

As noted above, the smartgun is just a specialized gun that has a number of sensors that are mounted on the gun. Like a Wii control paddle, the smartgun as a range finder and nothing else.

The smartgun may also be attached to various servos which let the basic functions such as trigger control, and magazine to be controlled easily and automatically.

In order for a smartgun to function properly, it needs to have a smart link. The smart link is basically interface software needed to interface with the smartgun. You also need a small CPU in order for everything to make sense.

So is smart link a set of software or is it a physical device?

The smartlink system has the smartlink add-on which is linked to the weapon. This add-on produces a lot of information and the smartlink chip makes use of the produced data. There is also the connection which is made possible by the use of a cable.

Therefore, to cut the long story short, smartlink is hardware. Its main function is to connect to the existing image link.

A smartlink is able to overlay over the vision of the user so that he or she can see where it is actually pointing. The smartgun is able to calculate a visible laser pointer like say an interface. This helps the user to aim at the target while he or she is relax rather than being forced to shoot by peering on the barrel.

Additionally, a user can turn off some features of the smartgun to prevent the trigger from being hacked


A smartgun is very easy to use because it has devices built into it. If you turn off all these devices, your gun will be unbalanced and thus it would be a bit heavier that its base model,