6 Optics And Sights For Shadowrun Weaponry

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shadowrun weapons with sighting devices on top

  1. Extended laser light

This is a higher version of the typical laser sight. This device has the same features as the standard laser light and also offers 1 TN for firearms tests if the player in question can see the red dot. The extended laser light has a range of up to 150 meters during daylight and can reach a maximum of 500 meters during the night. Just like the previous model, the extended laser sight cannot work when there is fog, smoke, rain or mist.

2. Gun cam

This is a video camera that usually records anything that the gun is targeting. The Gun Cam can be linked to the recording device externally or it can contain the miniaturized transmitter. This allows the transmission of images to another receiver elsewhere. The flux rating of the transmitter is 2.

3. Imaging systems

There are different types of imaging scopes that are available. Some of the imaging scopes include the infrared and simple electronic, low light and optical magnification. Like with real life ar 15 scopes, imaging scopes may be mounted only on the top. However, it may not work well with smart link systems and may need a very complex action to install or uninstall.

On the other hand, the function of a magnifying scope is to modify the range target number of the weapon. Magnification system usually contains thermograhic systems -2 concealability, low-light and -1 concealability rating.

The function of the combo versions is basically to combine different types of systems, letting the player switch between various systems.

In order to calculate the price of the systems, you only need to add all the costs of the components.

4. Laser light

The laser light uses laser beams to release a glowing red spot on the main targets. When the player touches the trigger, the sight automatically activates. The laser lights give a 1 target number for firearms test. However, laser light do not whatsoever work with smart link system. But they are available in top mounting versions or in under barrel. When you mount the laser light, you add 1 to the concealability rating of the weapon. And it also needs a complex action to remove and to install respectively. Additionally, the lasers light ha a range of approximately 50 meters during the day as well as 150 meters during the night.

5. Ultrasound sight

The ultrasound sight attaches either top mount or under barrel. The main function of the ultrasound sight is to project a scanning beam that is codded sound, that passes through the section where a weapon is pointing and then maps it. This device is perfect for night fighting or when there is total darkness, or against enemies who have destroyed thermographic lights. This device also reduces target number modifiers that come about as a result of invisibility and lighting.

6. Ultrasound goggles

The ultrasound goggle is a very high eye covering gadget that connects through the fibre optic cable to a weapon that is linked with an ultrasound sight. The sight shows a contour map on the region under target.