Building Weapons 101

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shadowrun building weapons

In this article we are going to check out a few things about building weapons on Shadowrun. We are also going to discuss a bit about rules regarding smartgun and hold-outs pistol.

The following information gives a great base line on how to build weapons:

Design of the object

When it comes to design in Shadowrun, it can either be bought, open sourced to even custom built. This basically means, as a player you have the power to decide how you want to have the design of your weapon. You can choose to come up with your own design from the scratch and make it according to your liking. You can as well decide to buy the different types of designs that are available in the game. Lastly, there is the open source option where you can just pick the free designs that are available for you on the game.

Logic and knowledge skill

When you want to build your own weapons in Shadowrun, logic and knowledge skill are two crucial elements that you need to possess.

You can either choose to mod a gun or you can choose firearms for building your weapons. The threshold is actually equal to the modification test. Additionally, what most players do not know is that the threshold can either be stated or can as well be set by the GM. If the threshold is set by the GM then it normally uses the extended test table that is found on the user book or rather the core book.

The design time

The extended time is also known as the extended test. If the threshold is around four, it will only take a matter of hours to finish, if the threshold is about eight, then it may take a number of days to get to done. On the hand, if the threshold is twelve, it is going to take a number of weeks to finish building the weapon.


The cost of the assembly materials usually is the same as the cost of the finished product. Generally, the availability is usually treated equal to items that are similar or treated the same as finished product. For instance, if you are building an area pred 4, it has an area availability of about 4R and all the parts will be the same. The price is determined by the GM or one can determine the price by using the basic cost of the item.

Modding extended test logic and relevant skill

For example the armorer for firearms, the threshold should be able to use the repair or the build table and all the mods should be set by GM. Additionally, time is set by the GM.

If you want to build a hand gun form the scratch, it may take you a few days to several weeks to finish. However, this entirely depends on your speed as well as your complexity. If you are building something such as an armored vehicle, it may take you even months to finish. Once you have gotten all the number of hits, you are done.