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Rayguncharlie.net is back at its old glory. This website used to be one of the most comprehensive resources for Shadowrun game and its firearm section. Unfortunately as time went on I became increasingly busy with my career and just did not had the time to properly update and add new content to this website. So, about 4-5 years ago I dropped the domain and this website completely.

However, now I am willing to go back at it. Unfortunately, the whole time I have been absent there has not been any new resource created that could have replaced my one. Its unfortunate, because we all love and enjoy the game, but can`t put in a little effort to help and improve the experience for the whole community.

Either way, I am back at it and will start where I left off the previous time. Bringing you up to date news, guides and instructions about Shadowrun weaponry.

If any one of you are interested in helping me and contributing then feel free to send e-mail to rayguncharlie at mail dot com.